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Solutions for Chronic Exhaustion – The Modern Epidemic – adrenal dysfunction

Adrenal Dysfunction Treatments – your solution to chronic exhaustion “I just feel tired all the time.” “I wake up feeling exhausted!” “My night time sugar cravings are out of control.” Do these statements sound familiar? If you can relate, you’re in good company. Many of my patients come to the PROTECT clinic with these complaints […]

Vitamin D is your Rockstar ‘Solar Hormone’

In my office I refer to Vitamin D3 as a “non-negotiable” supplement almost every patient must take daily. This much-hyped vitamin (which actually acts more like a hormone) is probably as close to a “rockstar vitamin” as you can get. Most people know two things about Vitamin D- 3: You get it from the sun […]

Just say “No” to Hot Flashes

Dr. Katie Disharoon ND Any woman who has felt the flush and sweat of a hot flash can tell you how uncomfortable it is. Hot flashes are a common complaint for perimenopausal and menopausal women and one of the most common motivators to seek medical treatments during this transition. The body experiences this sensation in […]