Dr. Will Washington, MD. – Seattle WA, hormone replacement specialist

Dr-Will-Washington-PROTECT-hormone-ProgramDr. Washington’s passion for hormone replacement therapy has led to over 1000 patient lifestyle interventions. The integrative approach of Western medicine as an MD, anti-aging specialist, and professional collaborations with Naturopathic physicians has led to the most unique and innovative approaches in the field of women’s health. The trademarked PROTECT program was his development and remains the cornerstone approach to addressing hormonal abnormalities in a personal way.

Dr. Washington is born and raised in Seattle where he attended college at Whitman and graduated Medical School at University of Cincinnati. He then completed an Emergency Medicine Residency program at University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon returning to the Seattle area in 2007 Dr Washington received additional training and certification in the blossoming field of Anti-Aging medicine and interventional Endocrinology. Dr Washington first opened a men’s anti-aging center in 2009 before his recent building of the Protect Clinic designed to address the needs of the aging woman.

You can contact Dr Will Washington, MD via email