The Phentermine Solution for weight loss

Phentermine is a very popular option for weight loss, when medically indicated. Phentermine is a drug which decreases appetite and increases energy.

Phentermine (trade names Adipex and Suprenza) is indicated for overweight individuals who struggle with cravings which can accompany many diet plants intended for weight loss. How many times have you started a diet program only to self-sabotage at the first sight of an ice cream cone on a hot day or a big piece of pizza on a Friday night? Cravings are central to yo-yo dieting. It’s a terribly vicious cycle. Try a new diet and fail at a new diet. What if there was a solution to this crazy circle of attempts to lose weight that targeted the cravings?

When used safely under the supervision of a physician, Phentermine, is a safe option to decrease appetite and cravings while transitioning into a healthier lifestyle which supports weight loss. At the PROTECT clinic our physicians will medically supervise your phentermine usage and dose.  Our physicians will guide you to holistic weight loss solutions to help get a handle on food cravings and weight gain.

Phentermine is a great option, but isn’t for everyone. People with certain medical conditions should not take Phentermine, including heart disease, hyperthyroid, liver or kidney disease, very little weight to lose, severe anxiety and other conditions. We strongly advise our patients to take phentermine with medical supervision.

We offer a FREE consultation with our doctors to discuss phentermine as a solution for weight loss. Please give us a call at P. (425) 531-8030