Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can happen because pre-menopause and menopause in women.

Here are 5 signs that hinting that our hormones are “out of balance”

1. You’re Always Tired – We can thank hormones from our adrenal glands, reproductive hormones and thyroid for giving us the energy to conquer our day. What happens whenone or all of these glands aren’t working properly? We feel wiped out! When that coffee
or energy drink habit just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to get your hormones properly checked.

2. Can’t Lose the Weight? – I see patients all the time who tell me they “just don’t get it” – they used to lose weight so easily and now they can’t drop a pound! Well, the difference between weight loss when we’re young and when we’re getting on in years is hormones! Our metabolism generally decreases as we age thanks, in part, to our decreasing hormone production and our inability to hold onto muscle mass. Getting hormone levels back to optimal increases our chances of weight loss success.

3. PMS & Painful Periods – Most women have no idea that a “normal” period should be virtually symptom free! Mood change, breast tenderness, fatigue, bloating and cramping associated with the start of menses are all signs that estrogen and progesterone (and likely other hormonal players) need some help!

4. Do You Get “Hangry”? – Irritability and shakiness when you’re hungry is a sign of blood sugar imbalance and often due to a lack of the hormone cortisol. This symptom may be particularly troublesome at night which can affect your sleep, weight and overall health! Although it’s annoying, it is easily reversed and cured through easy changes to the diet and supplements!

5. You Have Zero Libido – TV and movies wants us to believe that women never want it and men always do! That’s simply not true. Sex drive is largely controlled by our hormones, particularly testosterone. Women, just like men, need testosterone for a healthy and satisfying sex life. When our sex drive is low, our hormones are likely also low. Inability to orgasm is another symptom of imbalanced hormones.

“Hormones” get a bad rap as far as I’m concerned. They get the blame for PMS symptoms, for bad body odor and acne during the teen years and fatigue and weight gain in our 40s and 50s. For each time we blame them for causing us pain and anguish there are a thousand other instances where hormones did great things for our bodies! We can thank hormones for waking us up in the morning, reminding us we’re hungry, keeping our energy steady throughout the day, keeping our moods peppy, giving us our sex drive and motivation…and on.

So the  clues listed above might our bodies be giving us that our hormones are “out of balance”.

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